PayBolt guiding principles

PayBolt guiding principles Our mission is to change the way the world of commerce pays. To do so we aim to provide an easy to use, lightning-fast and rewarding crypto payment gateway.

Our inspiration is fueled by an utmost desire to become the best at what we do. And to this end, we are defining the EFFORT each PayBolt team member is putting towards fulfilling our mission.

Below are the guiding principles that each of us strives for in everything we do.

E- Effective communication

F- Focus on impact

F- Focus on innovation O- Ownership

R- Respect T- Teamwork

Effective communication

Communication is at the core of everything we do. In order for communication to be clear and effective, it must be:

  • Direct, honest, and constructive

  • Ambiguities and points of disagreement are resolved swiftly and efficiently.

  • Delivered in real-time

  • There should be a maximum of one working day in which something goes unresolved owing to a communication issue.

Focus on impact

Aims to solve the most important problems and not waste time on lesser issues.

Prioritize tasks individually and as a team.

Focus on innovating

To achieve our mission, it is important that we break down the barriers of legacy payments. This requires continuous innovation, research and development.

The nature of the crypto space we operate in demands us to embark on a never-ending journey of innovation:

  • Improve processes

  • Seek out new techonology

  • Improve efficient

  • Trial and error

Don't be afraid to move fast and break things along the way!


Each member at PayBolt owns a piece of the pie, and collectively we take ownership in driving innovation by seeking ways to improve our products, our brand, our user satisfaction, and our culture. It takes all of us.

  • Own your role

You are here because you shared our passion, our vision, and our mission. You have what it takes to excel in your craft, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and show it to the best of your ability!

  • Take responsibility We hold ourselves accountable for every decision we make, we own it to our users, fellow members, and ultimately ourselves.

  • Acknowledge mistakes When things don’t work out, we take responsibility for our mistakes then work out the right corrective action.


We don’t believe in hierarchies. We encourage an autonomous environment where ideas are freely shared. In order for ideas to be shared openly and without fear of negative consequences, there should be mutual respect and the assumption of good intent.

When feedback is given, it’s respectful and with the intent to help our colleagues improve. When it’s received, it’s embraced.


They say teamwork makes the dream work, we couldn’t agree more!

  1. Celebrate wins as a team: We love to celebrate wins by acknowledging the teamwork involved to achieve them.

  2. Learning from mistakes: We use mistakes as an opportunity to grow.

  3. Team decisions making: As much as possible, we encourage collaboration as a team to reach decisions.

Having the above guiding principles help define who we are as an organisation, and what we strive to achieve in our daily operations. This also gives us the opportunity to lead by example, practising what we preach.

Our growth and development since inception in the second half of 2021 have been tremendous. While we celebrate our achievements as a team, we are also quick to realize the arduous journey ahead. The above guiding principles will keep us humble and grounded we as look to reshape the payment industry. Watch this space!

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