Joint Venture: PayBolt X ZingMobile

We are very excited to announce a 50/50 joint venture between PayBolt and Singapore-based Telco VAS (value-added service) Provider Zingmobile, a strategic partnership that will introduce PayBolt and cryptocurrency to ZingMobile’s millions of customers across South-East Asia and Africa.
FinConnector Pte Ltd, the newly created entity of this joint venture will be responsible for developing an FCT Super App- which will be launched to the entire ZingMobile’s user base.
FinConnector (FCT) Super App
FCT will be a multifunctional Super App that provides users with telco services, as well as a range of value-added services such as gaming, streaming services, marketplace etc.
Central to the app’s ecosystem will be PayBolt’s payment token $PAY.
Users will be exposed to a rewarding alternative to pay for their services through PayBolt’s payment gateway, providing them with a rewarding alternative to traditional fiat payments.
Since ZingMobile operates in a robust, and well-established telecom industry, the PayBolt ecosystem will begin to service a new breed of investors, while promoting cryptocurrency adoption globally.
About ZingMobile
Zingmobile is a leading mobile enabler based in Singapore. They are a major telco value-added service (VAS) company with over 15 years of experience in servicing customers across South East Asia & Africa.
Over the years, ZingMobile has helped mobile network operators in many countries to enhance their value-added services and drive more revenue with an end-to-end mobile engagement platform for acquiring new users, building users’ profiles, and to engage them effectively.
ZingMobile is partnering FinCrypt leveraging PayBolt’s crypto payment technology, in a joint venture to carry out operations and marketing of FCT — a Super App Platform designed for Mobile Network Operators to deploy a unified mobile app for content, products, and services to their users.
Zingmobile’s subsidiary Ultron Connect will provide all the platform’s infrastructure and licenses with telcos, while PayBolt will be powering exclusively all cryptocurrency payments and crypto-based rewards in the platform.
About PayBolt
PayBolt’s mission is to achieve 100 billion dollars in transaction volume by the end of 2025 through our cryptocurrency payment ecosystem.
We are the first in providing practical merchant cryptocurrency payment solutions with easy-to-use, secure and lightning-fast payment solutions. PayBolt’s cross-chain gateway resolves high gas fees and slow transactions settlement confirmations that have been plaguing cryptocurrency as a mainstream payment alternative.
We are building an entire commerce payment ecosystem that makes it rewarding for all participants.
In order to make life a lot easier for our businesses and global customers, PayBolt has their own iOS & Android mobile app, E-commerce plugins, defi platform, merchant payment portal as well as POS terminals.
In line with PayBolt’s mission statement, these will work collectively to achieve secure crypto payment, that will be lightning-fast and rewarding.