Kee Song Partnership

PayBolt (Formally BNBPAY) is very excited to announce it has signed a Memorandum of Agreement on NOV 2021 with Kee Song to be their exclusive crypto payment provider!
Kee Song Group (TPEX: 1258) is a public traded company on the Taipei exchange, they are one of the largest poultry provider in South East Asian region.
PayBolt will look to bring the future of Web3 payments, along with all the benefits to the millions of Kee Song’s customers and partners.
About Kee Song
Kee Song Group (TPEX: 1258) is a public traded company on the Taipei exchange, they are one of the largest poultry providers in the South East Asian region.
Boasting around 220 acres of land, they have over 600 employees and produce over 23 million poultries per year.
They have now become the first poultry retailer in Asia to adopt the use of cryptocurrencies. The adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payment method will give their customers access to affordable, fast and reliable, as well as a secure and rewarding mode of payment.
Kee Song is a trusted chicken supplier across South East Asia and was established in 1987. And as of 1992, the Corporation became the first poultry company in Singapore to start poultry farming in Malaysia, and had since introduced top of the range farming techniques to enhance the farming process.
Crypto, a better alternative: With PayBolt, Kee Song can look forward to transacting lightning quick and low cost payments with overseas trading partners. Along with a loyal customer base, Kee Song also deals with many other businesses worldwide, and traditional payment rails is a big expense item with the frequency and amount transacted.
PayBolt and crypto payment will bring in the future of Web3 payments to Kee Song, by providing an easy-to-use, instant, cost effective and rewarding alternative in payments. PayBolt aims to save Kee Song millions per year in operational costs in the next 5 years.
SEA Growth: With many of Kee Song's customers based in South East Asia, we hope to see PayBolt gaining rapid adoption in the region.
Kee Song's customers and their partners will also benefit from being able to make easy, affordable, instant crypto payments, thus accelerating the adoption of crypto payments through the PayBolt payment gateways. It is an exciting partnership that will bring great economic benefit to both parties. For more info watch the video with Zave (CEO of PayBolt) & James (Head of Business Development of Kee Song).