Make crypto payment rewarding

PayBolt payment ecosystem aims to provide a rewarding experience for all participants in our ecosystem, including merchants, businesses, users and investors through our $PAY token.
We designed our payment gateway for peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, which removes all financial middlemen or intermediaries except the two making the financial exchange. Within our payment ecosystem, payment is "pushed" directly from one party to another without going through the conventional financial institutions.
Below are some rewards for using PayBolt for both businesses and users:
Merchant discounted rate
Merchants using traditional payment rails are subject to 3-5% in payment processing fees called MDR, By using PayBolt gateway, they will be able to save anywhere up to 90% from paymetn processing fees. Avoiding credit card chargebacks
Using PayBolt merchants avoid the headache of having to deal with chargebacks from shoppers and fraudsters. 80% of businesses report they are regularly wasting up 1-2 hours a day dealing with credit card chargebacks. With crypto payments none of that will be an issue.
Low Transaction Fees For Users: Crypto payments via PayBolt can be sent and received at very low costs, as the system will pick up the fastest blockchain to utilize to settle the transaction depending on what payments Crypto rewards: The more customers of any particular merchant use PayBolt, the more they get rewarded, as well as the merchant get rewarded. Further on user advantages are rewards systems laid out to incentivize our global users. These include staking.
Reward DApp: This includes the introduction of other crypto finance products such as staking, earning interest on your crypto, crypto-lending etc. The DApp allows $PAY staking for rewards. The more tokens staked, the more rewards accrued. It is available to both merchants and consumers. DApp will lock the $PAY tokens according to the desired locking period and distribute rewards periodically. Users can stake $PAY tokens and receive rewards when they make payments using PayBolt.