Money 2.0 2022- Best Companies Award

We are delighted to announce that we are receiving the best companies award at the Money 2.0 Conference in Dubai on the 20-22 March 2022 and Las Vegas on the 11th -13th of April 2022. This award comprises of companies in the finance industry who are recognized for their contributions. It also provides a platform for networking and knowledge sharing amongst this elite group of high-performing individuals and companies.
About Money 2.0 Conference
The Money 2.0 Conference aims to give an in-depth view of the emerging financial markets, enterprise risk management strategies, blockchain-based transactions, and trends in the world of post-pandemic FinTech.
Paybolt is building the infrastructures necessary to lead the emerging web3 financial ecosystems in which cryptocurrency payment solutions will play a large part. We are honored to be presented with this award and look forward to receiving the award in person and connecting with many of our loyal supporters in the United States.
See you in Vegas!