PayBolt: Our mission

Our mission statement

As the global economy moves towards a Web3 future, there is an increasing demand for alternative payment solutions that are in line with Web3 decentralized principles. PayBolt is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that offers lightning-fast, secure, and rewarding payment solutions that are tailored for the modern business. PayBolt’s mission is to achieve 10 billion dollars in transaction volume by the end of 2025 through our cryptocurrency payment ecosystem.

Why cryptocurrency?

We believe the modern economy needs a modern solution, the type of new currency that is affordable, secure, easy to use and transcends censorship.

Merchants want an open financial system that gives them access to a level playing field and a digital native customer base. Customers want better payment options that are digitally aligned to their daily online presence. They want to be in control of who they pay, what they pay, and when they pay, away from the prying eyes of centralized entities.

Old money just won’t cut it.

PayBolt payment ecosystem

PayBolt is building the mission-critical crypto payment ecosystem to connect merchants with their global customer base. One that will be easy to use and integrate seamlessly into their existing business. We recognize every merchant has unique needs and challenges when it comes to payments. So we will endeavor to work with them individually to achieve the best outcome, such as supporting over 150 fiat currencies in our ecosystem. The PayBolt ecosystem will incentivize all participants via making payment a rewarding experience for investors, users, and businesses alike. We believe these incentives will accelerate the adoption rates of crypto payments through the PayBolt ecosystem. The future

At PayBolt we aim to bring crypto payments to every part of the globe, and will not rest until we do so.

In order to achieve this, we are rapidly building a network of strategic partnerships in order to enhance the scope and quality of our operations. We are working with many strategic partners, all of whom share our mission, share our vision, and are willing to work hand-in-hand with us in order to achieve our common goals. Our investors, partners, supporters, as well as our passionate team of highly skilled and talented professionals, are at the forefront of this global payment revolution. We believe it is only through the combined effort of everyone that we are able to achieve our mission of 10 billion transaction volume by the end of 2025.

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! Out with the old, in with the new.

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